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Why Do DiNardo's Crabs Taste So Deliciously Different?

DiNardo's Famous Crabs are flown into Philadelphia every day via scheduled airlines from the Gulf Coast waters.  Our crabs are the same species as those caught in nearby Chesapeake waters (commonly called Blue Claws). The only difference is a year round supply and size!


Gulf Coast Crabs "free-swim" year round ... thus we're assured of supply throughout the year, plus we can offer you larger, meatier crabs. Because of colder Northern climates, local crabs burrow into sand banks during the colder months. Those that are caught are dredged. As a result of their "hibernation" they are smaller and usually poorer in meat yield.


DiNardo's Crabs are steamed daily in our kitchens and include a proprietary blend of seasonings ... a unique blend of herbs and seasonings that has often been imitated, but never matched! DiNardo's Crabs are served with Mr. Bill DiNardo's very own sauce - another closely guarded family recipe. 


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